When you ‘get people’ you can effectively communicate, motivate, mobilize or sell.

Our role



We believe that understanding people is the basis of strategic communication. Our background in management consultancy gives us the necessary tools to understand the motivations, desires, and sentiments of consumers, opinion leaders and clients. No amount of ‘big data’ can substitute really understanding people. 

Undertaking boring but necessary research

Asking challenging questions

Listening empathetically

Discovering underlying truths

Understanding motivation

Positioning that connects

Strategy that works

Stories that inspire

Content that is meaningful

Ideas that surprise

Beautiful ideas


We are disruptive thinkers, who create ideas to inspire our clients and to help them inspire their audiences. Our ideas can surprise or create emotion and they can motivate action because they are relevant and important to each person.



Communication is evolving, new channels, new tone of voice, new formats, new rules. We help brands reach and connect with people because we understand this revolution. We have extensive channel experience (TV, digital, social, experiential…) and proven ability to amplify messages by engaging genuine influencers through the campaigns we create.

Connecting through social media

Building unique user experiences

Securing strategic editorial coverage

Engaging influencers

Mobilizing through live experiences