All too often b2b marketing communications is bland, uninspired and poorly differentiated. Despite being visionaries in technology, science and engineering, many companies often default to predictable, conservative work that fails to cut through and at best has a neutral effect on sales and growth.

It is refreshing therefore to be tasked by Dow AgroSciences to devise a communications programme to present it as a forward thinking, highly progressive agro-technology company.

With a remit across the EU, our ambition is to inform, educate and engage a Europe-wide community of agronomists, farmers and influencers. To achieve this, we’re developing an online communications hub around a revolutionary new herbicide. Hosting both original and third-party content the site will sit at the centre of a content-rich marketing programme intended to drive traffic and feed social media channels. Key elements of the programme include the creation of original video, the generation of expert opinion pieces, influencer outreach and country-specific round tables.

We’ve already launched the new site and the social media strategy is beginning to deliver spectacular results. So much so that we’ve now been briefed to launch a second programme later this year.