apple tree communications is shortlisted for the DCA 2018 with 3 campaigns

The Digital Communication Awards are the prestigious European awards dedicated exclusively to projects, campaigns and innovations in the field of online communications. apple tree communications has been shortlisted for this year for campaigns developed for Alcon, Amgen and Novartis, proof of the important role the agency has in the digital sector and in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the Product Campaign category, we have been nominated for the campaign Libres – Freedom at the age of 40 for Alcon. We developed an original, audio-visual series highlighting the experiences of four people, each with an active lifestyle, as a way to introduce the new Alcon multifocal lenses as the best alternative to presbyopia.

In the Gamification category, we have been nominated for the “Buenavista” campaign for Novartis and the “Marca el Rumbo” campaign for Amgen. Buenavista is the gaming platform based on the popular Facebook game FarmVille that we created for pharmacists to learn about Dry Eye Syndrome and the Systane product range as the best option for its treatment.

Marca el Rumbo is an online training course based on a sailing competition and designed for primary care physicians to broaden their knowledge of osteoporosis and brittle bone fractures.

Amgen Marca el Rumbo

To find out if we are winners, we will have to wait until September 28th in Berlin.