• Adele, David Beckham and Emma Watson are the most influential people in the UK
  • The sum of the followers of the 5 One Direction members would be bigger than the total population of UK, Germany, France and Spain put together.

With the inexorable rise of online influencers, the Social Scene report uncovers those individuals that wield most influence in social channels. Analysing statistics and trends from the last 5 years we reveal the most influential people, both globally and within the UK. In addition to the numbers, we also identify the key attributes that top influencers share.

We analysed key social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to uncover our global Top 20. With this new breed of influencers, we’ve distinguished between regular social media stars and the chosen few who have a global reach far beyond their profession or area of expertise.

apple tree’s findings show Taylor Swift being crowned Queen of social media with over 246 million followers and Cristiano Ronaldo not far behind with 238 million followers.

The report then moves on to British influencers, where Adele, David Beckham and Emma Watson topped the charts. As well as identifying the Top 20, some astonishing data was revealed – for example if you were to add up the all the followers of the 5 One Direction members, the total would be higher than the combined populations of the UK, Germany, France and Spain.

apple tree communications then compared these findings to its Social Scene 2011 Twitter report, and discovered that 60% of the top celebrities on Twitter are now Women. Sports influencers are also increasing their grip on social media, with Basketball player Lebron James rising from 78th position five years ago to being in the top 20 on Twitter. Lastly the report discusses the rise of YouTube sensations such as PewDiePie who has more than 47.5 million subscribers.

The information in this report aims to guide brands who want to understand and incorporate such influencers into the development of their digital and integrated campaigns.