Are journalists known for their work in the mainstream media more influential than those we know through digital media? What themes prevail in the feeds of the most followed journalists? What does the online profile of an influential journalist look like? And what about their audience?

Journalists have embraced social networks as part of their work to inform and give their opinion. Twitter is their preferred medium as it is the perfect way to have direct contact with their audience.

Top Spanish journalists on Twitter 2018” is the latest SocialScene published by apple tree communications, which studies the influence of journalists on Twitter as this profession has great weight in Spanish society. In the Top 20 journalists with the most followers on Twitter we have Jordi Évole, Ana Pastor, Julia Otero, Tomás Roncero and Ignacio Escolar.

From the report, we can also conclude that there is no direct correlation between the news programmes of the television channels with the most followers, their audience and the channels for which the most followed journalists work on Twitter. It seems that the key to the influence of the most followed journalists lies in the power of opinion, in contrast to the traditional media that prefer to prioritize information.