The campaign has reinforced the image of McDonald’s as a company that is committed to the quality of its products.

apple tree communications was awarded a Gold SABRE Award in the ‘Food Service’ category for its campaign for McDonald’s Spain, ‘Quality Made in Spain’. The award, presented during the EMEA SABRE AWARDS 2017 gala in London, recognizes the innovative strategy and excellent results that this original communication campaign, devised and developed by apple tree communications, achieved.

The ‘Quality Made in Spain’ campaign highlighted the commitment of McDonald’s Spain to the quality of the products that it uses for its menu, simultaneously reinforcing the company’s relationship with its local suppliers and increasing consumer confidence in the leading restaurant company in Spain.

The first iconic activity of this strategic campaign was for McDonald’s to take on a commitment to only use 100% Spanish beef for its burgers in Spain. This initiative was launched at a press conference by Mario Barbosa, president of McDonald’s Spain, where he explained the company’s commitment to the local economy, to local suppliers, and to using only the highest quality ingredients.

In addition, throughout the year, different communicational actions have been delivered based on the ‘Made in Spain’ strategy, such as “Chef versus Chef” and “Chef versus Granny”, campaigns that have generated a great deal of media interest, bringing Spanish haute cuisine closer to McDonald’s customers.

The campaign created by apple tree for McDonald’s Spain has achieved excellent results and in the first year has managed to increase the total audience by more than 280%.