She will become a member of the shareholder board together with Carme Miró, Kirsty Brown, Olivia Walsh & Jacobo Zelada.

Gemma García

Following four years as Communication Director, Gemma García Gramache has been named Managing Partner of the Barcelona office. The promotion means a significant change in her role at the agency as she will now be responsible for managing and growing the Barcelona Office, a task that she is “delighted and excited about taking on”.

According to Carme Miró, CEO and founder of the agency, the agency’s greatest asset is it’s people who are “entrepreneurs, motivated by the opportunity to innovate, fantastic professionals and above all, good people”. All these qualities are reflected in Gemma García, together with “her versatility and professional value”; qualities that she has clearly demonstrated over the last 11 years in the different roles that she has occupied in apple tree communications and that are recognised with this promotion.