apple tree communications was awarded with two Gold, one Silver and two Diplomas.

The 22nd edition of the Ibero-American Health and Pharmacy Advertising Awards (Aspid), the most prestigious awards in the health sector, was held on 14th June at the Goya Theatre in Madrid. This year apple tree communications won 5 Aspids: two gold, one silver and two diplomas.

The “Radio I&Deal” campaign, created jointly with Novartis, won the first Gold Aspid of the evening in the “Internal Marketing Campaigns” category.

The second Gold was awarded to the Automatic Message campaign in the “Agency Self-Advertising” category.

The Set the Course campaign, created together with Amgen, took the Silver Aspid in the “Accredited Training Programmes” category.

Finally, in the “Audiovisual” category, apple tree communications also obtained two diplomas. The first was for “Libres – Freedom at the age of 40” the campaign created jointly with Alcon, and the second was for “World COPD Day – It’s not normal not being able to” the campaign created for Boehringer Ingelheim.