We organized the world’s largest simultaneous unboxing with AliExpress

Primer guinness world records con aliexpress

On March 22, 2018, we broke the simultaneous unboxing Guinness World Record with AliExpress, to celebrate the eighth anniversary of one of the most important online shopping platforms. After announcing the record-breaking attempt on social networks, more than 300 people turned up at the Callao cinema in Madrid to simultaneously open their packages.

Participants simultaneously opened a package containing a Mi Band 2, one of the best-selling products on AliExpress. In addition, they had to test the product to comply with the official procedure established for this global challenge. Stars of the “unboxing” phenomenon, called “Topes de gama”, were invited to present the event and to animate the already excited crowd.

We achieved more than 100 million hits online and 27 journalists and influencers participated in achieving this massive record.

According to the Marketing Director of AliExpress in Spain, Pello Zúñiga, “many of our Spanish users have come to know AliExpress through “unboxings” or “hauls” on YouTube, videos created proactively by our users who define themselves as “aliaddicts“. With apple tree communications, we thought that the best way to thank the support received in Spain over the last 8 years was to go down in history together, breaking a world record and giving them a unique and unrepeatable experience. At AliExpress, we offer the user a gamified and interactive shopping experience, and this anniversary could not be anything less.”

We can now proudly say we have our first Guinness World Record!