The events brought together 4,300 people and involved different target audiences important to the brand in the centenary celebration.

apple tree communications, 7th July 2017. apple tree communications  won a Gold Eventoplus award in the category ‘Best Celebration Event’ for the organisation of a series of large-scale events to celebrate 100 years of the electrical goods company, SIMON.  The judges recognised the strategy, creativity, production and impact of the events organized by apple tree.

The different events were designed to impact and involve a wide range of audiences  including architects, designers, installers, distributors and the end consumer.  The key objective was to transmit the company’s commitment to the future, supported by a proven 100-year-long trajectory and highlighting the focus on design and detail that had become signature values of the brand.

For the centenary celebration, apple tree organized two events for installers, attended by 3000 people.  At these events the new SIMON 100 series was presented. Guests were notably surprised by the creative and innovative installations at each event and the way in which they could interact with them.

Another of the key events was the gala dinner for distributors that brought together 600 of the company’s most important clients in the Oval Room at the Catalan National Art Museum.  The evening was a homage to light and to the 100-year history of SIMON, aspects of which were clearly reflected in the decoration of the venue that included giant crystal chandeliers and an incredible laser light spray performance telling the history of the brand through the years.

Finally, apple tree also organized a series of conferences in Barcelona and Madrid with internationally recognised speakers.  These conferences were attended by media, architects, distributors and the general public.

As a result of the diverse range of events created, attended by a total of 4,300 people, SIMON increased brand visibility amongst important audiences with whom the company normally had little ongoing contact, and at the same time was able to involve and foster loyalty amongst its installers and distributors. In addition, the events achieved important media coverage, impacting more than 50 million people and tripling the coverage achieved by the brand the year before.