apple tree’s game training content is an innovative communication tool and ideal training resource for all sectors.

Playing is a part of our lives from the moment we are born. As we grow older, our brains develop through playing and certain games help us to understand strategy. Gamification helps us to learn by maintaining the element of competition and play while also testing players’ knowledge, making the whole experience much more enjoyable.

At apple tree, we have developed this new educational tool into the ideal means of delivering training content and creating an enjoyable experience. Designed as an innovative resource for B2B industries and internal communication projects, game training helps the players to absorb new knowledge, improve their skills and reward achievements, guiding them through a series of planned objectives and tasks. As well as a tool for improving skills and knowledge, gamification can also be used to carry out market studies, collective sessions for events and as a platform for one-to-one contact with experts.

apple tree has won numerous awards with its gamification resources. In 2018, we received a silver in the prestigious ASPID awards with our game “Marca el Rumbo” which was also one of the five finalists in the European Digital Communication Awards.