Who are the most followed Spanish journalists on Twitter?

Which areas of the media do they come from? Are they digital natives or did they take the plunge into these waters from safer analogue climes?

Current affairs in Spain are going through a particularly unsettled period. Thanks to this recent spike in contentious issues, Twitter has become the digital locale where the country’s journalists give their personal opinion on controversial topics that they know run at the forefront of their readers’ minds. With topics arising like the Catalonian independence process, corruption and immigration policy, the abundance of public interest comes as no surprise.

In this SocialScene, we wanted to analyse who the most followed journalists in Spain are and to examine their activity on Twitter in greater depth. Are journalists known for their work in the mainstream media more influential than those we know through digital media? What themes dominate the feeds of the most followed journalists? What does the online profile of an influential journalist look like? And what about their audience?

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